The Art Of Charm with AJ and Jordan Harbinger

The Art Of Charm

The Art of Charm Podcast is where curious, hungry, self-motivated people come to learn from an unparalleled mix of teachers, thinkers and mentors. And our subject is you. We’re AJ and Jordan Harbinger, your hosts. In our early 20s, we decided to take our lives to the next level. To document our journey, we started The Art of Charm Podcast. Since then, the show has grown into a global community of driven people—just like you—who want to take control of their lives by learning from the world’s leading experts. This is the show we wish we had a decade ago. Our guests include productivity experts like Tim Ferris, management gurus like Seth Godin, best-selling authors like Neil Strauss, and other incredible teachers, thinkers and builders sharing their greatest insights right here, for free. Topics range from dating and sex to finance and career advice to life-hacking and fitness—every aspect of a rich, fulfilling life. So you can think of us in a few different ways. We’re the older brothers you never had. We’re the MBA you’d like to pursue. We’re the entrepreneurs sharing war stories at a bar. And we’re the students who are always asking, searching and growing at every step, right along with you. We’re The Art of Charm. Where ordinary people become extraordinary. Learn more at: