What This Chef and Engineer Have in Common: The Alton Browncast Guest Starring Adam Savage

What This Chef and Engineer Have in Common: The Alton Browncast Guest Starring Adam Savage

by Susie Phan, Podcast Planet Team

If you know  Jaws, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future inside out, congrats. You avoided the wrath of movie enthusiasts Adam Savage and Alton Brown.

Adam co-hosts the Discovery Channel series MythBusters, and Savage is the philosophical chef on the Food Network show, Good Eats, and the main commentator of Iron Chef America. While some may define themselves by their primary careers, Savage and Brown seek trivia that separates them from the pack.

On this podcast, Alton and Adam talk about everything except food and myths. It starts off as a casual conversation and then catapults into a heated dialogue on movie characters and story lines.

Alton and Adam devote a lot of time teaching and discussing movies with their kids. What puzzles me: why is cinema literacy important?

My family that doesn’t promote cinema literacy, so I never thought of it as something I would prioritize… until I realized how important pop culture and entertainment knowledge are in our everyday conversations. When the topics of politics, religion, personal finances, sex and gossip are out the window, your only safe bet is pop culture and entertainment.

We always hear the negative effects movies, television, and games have on our lives, but we often forget to acknowledge their creativity, humor and wit. These qualities make our lives more amusing and interesting.

Although Alton and Adam do not explain why they believe cinema literacy is important to them, their conversation demonstrates how entertainment brings people together, just as it brought a brilliant chef and charismatic engineer together for this podcast.