The Worst Romantic Movie Miscasts

Our Worst Romantic Movie Miscasts

Literally nothing ruins a movie more than a miscast. Whether the acting chops aren’t up to par or the shine of another co-star spoils the potential of a killer cast, there’s no bigger buzz kill than the role that could have been. Here at Podcast Planet, we’ve seen our fair share of flicks. And there have been plenty of casting catastrophes over the years, but none so great in girl world than these five romantic lead disasters.

50 Shades of Grey

jamie dornan


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Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Don’t get us wrong, we think Jamie Dornan is a dreamboat and downright sexual Homo Sapien. But you have to admit, he was not the Christian Grey you imagined pinning Anastasia against the wall or unveiling the Red Room of Pain. As the perfect male specimen, Grey’s piercing grey eyes and flawless sex machine self are supposed to be the definition of smolder-y (it’s totally a word). Yeah, Dornan is hot. But he’s not Christian Grey hot. Instead why not cast the sexiest man of all time as the unattainable hunk we all imagined him to be? Cue: Henry Cavill. Are you looking at this photo? We literally can’t even.


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The Hunger Games Trilogy

peeeeta ew

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Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark

This one sucks. Seriously. If you’re going balls to the wall and casting Liam Hemsworth (sex god extraordinaire) as Gale, then you sure as hell better make sure Peeta can compete. Although Josh Hutcherson is a cutie in his own way, he’s not the tall guy with wavy blond hair and sensitive blue eyes that the book describes. Let’s face it, in what universe would Katniss choose Peeta (Josh) over Gale (Liam)? Let’s be real, in no realm of reality would that ever happen. But have no fear, we think we’ve got the right guy for the role: Alex Pettyfer. He fits the character description to a tee and is not to mention certifiably sexy. Now here’s a leading man that can compete with Liam.

alex petty

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The Lucky One

After watching The Lucky One, one thing was pretty obvious — Taylor Schilling looked way too old to be dating Zefron. But when we looked for an actress whose baby face could make Efron’s military ruggedness more believable, we kind of came up empty. The only girl even remotely sweet enough to make the Fron look like an ex-military man is Dianna Agron. But even so, it’s hard to imagine them getting all starry eyed over each other in a southern town. So screw it. Maybe the real miscast here is Zefron himself. Taylor Schilling slays in Orange Is The New Black (and we’re also a little afraid of her) so we can’t say she’s the problem. Instead, lead Logan should have been played by someone who matches Schilling’s mature look. And since he’d be great in pretty much anything, we vote that Efron’s role should have been subbed by Josh Duhamel.

lucky one

The Last Song 


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Miley Cyrus as Ronnie

Does the above photo not speak for itself? Let us remind you, folks, that this girl was cast alongside Liam Hemsworth (see number 2 on our list). I think we can all agree that Miley Cyrus was a horrible cast to play Will’s love interest, Ronnie. The most sexual Aussie on the market, and this is the girl they picked to steal his heart. This is what we call a casting bust, ladies and gents. And the worst part of all was that they went on to date and get engaged. Someone book us a one-way ticket to vom city, STAT. To say there’s a better actress out there for this role is a gross understatement. We propose one Lily Collins for the part. She’s the right age, the deserving amount of pretty, and could pull off the rebellious, defiant teenage character of Ronnie perfectly.


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Magic Mike


Cody Horn as Nora

Nora from Magic Mike: possibly the biggest head scratcher in the history of movies ever. Anyone with two functional eyeballs and a halfway working brain saw this casting choice and was utterly confused. You have the sexiest men in showbiz shirtless, oiled up, and stripping — literal dry humping for two hours… six packs… yum. And then you have Nora. Casting Cody Horn for this part is like bringing a puzzle to a nightclub. Does that even make sense? No it doesn’t. If Channing Tatum is going to meet a girl that makes him want to become a nice monogamous guy, she better be a certified smokeshow. But alas, we think we have just the girl worthy of stripper Chan – blonde bombshell Amber Heard.

amber heard

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Honorable Mention:



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In 2008, the directors of “Twilight” decided to cast Cam Gigandet as James — the vampire life mate of crazy red head, Victoria. While the blonde hair is questionable, we could probably forgive them because it’s Cam Gigandet. Hashtag yum. The real issue here is that they cast him in a role that dies in the first movie and we were forced to endure three more sub-par Cam-less sequels without him. Not cool, Twilight, not cool.


At best, you can at least admit that out of all the stars and starlets to grace the silver screen these five roles could definitely have had alternate endings. Maybe we’re just jilted because Hollywood is messing with our favorite book characters. Or maybe we just have functional optic systems. Either way, we here at Podcast Planet think the casting directors could totes have done it better. Think you’ve got a better miscast or know of another casting catastrophe? Tweet us @PodcastPlanet and we can add it to our blog.


By: Cassie Sclafani & Allie Sclafani


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