Mighty Married Moms by Deborah C. Owen, Wendy Williams, Linda Tighe

Mighty Married Moms

Join us at our kitchen table twice a week as the Mighty Married Moms invite spectacular guests to weigh in on staying sexy, vibrant and healthy; building marriages with soul-satisfying connection; and raising happy, healthy, successful kids! We have real conversations that inspire women of all ages to take ownership of their most deeply cherished dreams and desires, to create the life they have always wanted! Hosted by Deborah C. Owen (family and life coach), Linda Tighe (holistic health coach), and Wendy Williams (marriage educator). Invite the man in your life to join you, as our topics include such things as: differences between men and women; building up your marriage relationship; nutrition; helicopter parenting; launching your kids to college/work; taking care of our bodies; mindfulness; the long-lasting effects of positive mindset; female friendships; and lots more! For more info, see the official Mighty Married Moms website.