Is This Podcast Paleo with Kristin Kaschak & Everett Rosette

Is This Podcast Paleo?

A weekly podcast for everyone in the world of CrossFit, Paleo, Lifting, Real Rood, Nutrition and all things fitness and general wellness. The hosts are Kristin Kaschak (@functionalfare) and Everett Rosette (@PaleoFatKid). Kristin is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, CrossFit Level 1 Certificate holder and coach at her gym, amateur home cook and the voice behind the real food/paleo blog TheGirlWithTheButter. Everett is the man behind the popular website PaleoFatKid, CrossFit and fitness photographer, former football player and powerlifter, and a Paleo home chef. Together, they talk about what’s happening in Paleo, CrossFit, and the whole fitness world in a friendly real-life way. Talking about all the stuff us fitness-folks won’t ever shut up about. For more, visit the Is This Podcast Paleo? website.