In the Boat With Ben by Ben Toalson & Rachel Toalson

In the Boat With Ben

Ben and Rachel Toalson, artists, entrepreneurs and parents of six boys, discuss the real-life struggles of raising a family, offering stories of triumph and failure, encouragement, and practical ideas for living a balanced and whole-hearted family life. At times it can feel impossible to maintain a healthy balance between our families, our work and our passions. In this podcast Ben and Rachel offer ideas and encouragement, using their personal experience and wisdom, to explore how parents can create a more balanced, whole-hearted and meaningful family life. Topics will include emotional intelligence, managing schedules, setting healthy boundaries, establishing routines, incorporating effective discipline, finding more time to connect and much more. Join Ben and Rachel every Thursday for a 45-minute discussion packed with valuable insights and practical wisdom for navigating the rough and wondrous seas of family life. For more info, see the official Seanwes website.