Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers…

Our crack team of podcastologists has compiled these Frequently Asked Questions. Fortunately, they also provided the answers. If you can’t find what you want to know here, simply contact us on the Podcast Planet Connect page.

What’s a podcast?

The most amazing invention since instant coffee, a podcast is an audio program shared on the Internet that you, the listener, can totally control. Think of it as a radio show that you can listen to when, where, and how you want — just like a music MP3. Some podcasts are talk shows. Some are stories. And some are totally indescribable. What makes podcasts really convenient is that, if you subscribe to one, you get the latest episodes automatically delivered to you.

How can I listen to podcasts?

See the word “Listen” in the menu at the top of this site? Just roll over it, select a category, then pick a show and hit play. It’s that easy. For a more mobile experience, you can download podcasts to your computer or mobile device (phone or tablet), and listen to them with your favorite player, such as iTunes. Soon we’ll have our own Podcast Planet app for ultimate convenience. The best part? All of this is FREE.

What’s a podcast RSS feed?

First, it has nothing to do with food. (Sorry.) Instead, an RSS feed lets you subscribe to a podcast, so new episodes are delivered to your device automatically when you’re connected to the Internet. (In some cases, you have to initiate the downloads.) By the way, RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, but you won’t be tested on that.

Can I share one of your podcasts on my website?

Please do — but only use the included RSS feed for each one. That ensures that the podcaster gets credit for all the listens and downloads. Please do not distribute the MP3 file, or copy the audio from a podcast. Doing so would hurt the income of our podcasters, and that would make them very sad.

How do I create a podcast?

We recommend lots and lots of coffee — not because podcasting will make you sleepy, but because being hypercaffeinated will spark your imagination and give you the energy to seize the world by the ears. Once you have an idea, be sure to check out other podcasts on the same subject to make sure that yours is distinctively Y-O-U. Personalization is key!

As for the tech and tools, you can use any digital recording device (including most smartphones) and some basic software. Save your recording, ideally as an MP3, and upload it to a publishing platform like SoundCloud or, you know, Podcast Planet (see the next question). Get all the dirty details on our How To Podcast page.

Can I play music on my podcast?

Everyone wants to be a radio DJ, but be very careful when it comes to music on your podcast. You see, radio stations have licensing departments and pay licensing fees. Most podcasters… not so much. So any music you play must be your original work, or you must have written permission from both the artist and the publishing rights holder, and be able to present that written permission on demand.

Who’s behind Podcast Planet?

You really want to know? OK, just between you and us… We’re a clandestine cabal of former KGB agents and clown school dropouts podcasting from an uncharted island in the Indian Ocean. To the outside world, we officially go by the name “Digital Team” at the global media company Entertainment Studios in L.A. But we’re really spies and stuff. Really.