3 Reasons To Advertise With Podcast Planet

Here’s why you’ll want to bring your promotions into our orbit…

1. High Consumer Engagement

  • Our listeners don’t have commitment issues: We’re not talking about marriage (you’ll find that in our Sex+Love category). We’re talking about how podcast listeners pay close attention. Rarely will you find anyone downloading a podcast just for background noise, or switching away when an ad comes on.
  • Clutter free is the way to be: Our feng-shui philosophy keeps our podcasts clutter free. No endless ad blocks and no constant bombardment of commercials. That makes your ads truly stand out.
  • Target away: Our categories cater to different passions — and make finding the right audience for your brand easy.

2. You Choose The Format

  • Site Pre-roll: Before anyone can land on Podcast Planet, we can show them your video.
  • Podcaster endorsements: In flow with their shows, our podcasters can recommend your product — and mean it. (We’ll never make anyone plug anything they don’t believe in.)
  • Produced spots: When your ad needs more pizzazz (music, dialogue, sound effects, etc.), we can insert pre-produced ads into a podcast. Our marketing team of advertising and entertainment veterans can also create them for you.
  • Sponsored podcasts: Select podcasts are available to be named after your brand. We can also create original podcasts to fit your brand and target market.
  • Display ads on the site:  For visual impact, we can place a banner ad on our homepage or next to the podcast that fits your target market.

3. Easy Metrics

  • All the stats you need: We provide access to the same dashboard we use for the shows you sponsor, so you can see exactly how many downloads each podcast receives.
  • Direct response: We’ll put some direct response marketing tactics into play to encourage listeners to act on your ads, giving you the best measure of success possible (actual sales).

All ads are sold on a CPM basis (cost per thousand downloads), starting at $100 for 5,000 downloads, with revenue shared between the podcaster and Podcast Planet. You may choose specific podcasts, or even a site-wide buy.

Pricing for sponsored podcasts is based on production requirements. Please contact our marketing team for any of your advertising needs and inquiries. Don’t hold back — we love tough questions!