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Citizen Radio

Citizen Radio is hosted by Allison Kilkenny (The Nation and Huffington Post), and Jamie Kilstein (Comedy Central, The Onion, The BBC) and is dedicated to covering the stories that the mainstream, corporate media ignores. It’s like Democracy Now but with much more swearing. They have interviewed such distinct intellectuals, bands, and comics such as Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, Tariq Ali, Howard Zinn, Matt Taibbi, Jeremy Scahill, The Thermals, Robin Williams, Matt Besser, Janeane Garofalo, Johann Hari, Melissa Harris-Lacewell and more. They have also been the recipient of batshit crazy threatening letters by the hate group God Hates F*gs. Good stuff. “Jamie Kilstein and Allison Kilkenny have created an important political radio show that balances humor and unreported news. At a time when media conglomerates dominate the airwaves, independent media like Citizen Radio is vital to national discourse” – Noam Chomsky “Jamie reminds me of why I got into comedy. It’s like watching a combination of George Carlin and Bill Hicks ” – Janeane Garofalo “Allison Kilkenny’s writing makes me want to vomit” – G. Gordon Liddy, Convicted Watergate criminal “In a corporate media that cares more about Carrie Prejean than preemptive war, Citizen Radio covers the issues that really matter” – Lizz Winstead, Co-creator of The Daily Show. For more info, see the official Citizen Radio website.